February 24, 2017


Because a central air conditioner can be a significant investment, it may be daunting to contemplate replacing one. Still, there comes a time when you’ve got no choice but to consider it. Here are a few things you might be dealing with that mean it’s probably time to start shopping for a new system.

Your system is over ten years old. Even if it’s still operating, you should start looking into upgrades. In the last decade, technology has advanced appreciably, and a new air conditioning installation could drastically reduce the annual heating and cooling costs of your home by up to 50% or more– not to mention increasing your comfort level.

It’s too humid – or not humid enough – in your home. Humidity issues, like dryness in winter or excessive moisture in summer, can lead to a lack of comfort. It can be caused by poor operation, inadequate or failing equipment, or problems in your ductwork.

It’s too loud! Noisy systems could be caused by insufficient ductwork, or problems with the indoor coils, among other reasons. You shouldn’t have to live like that.

Your system isn’t efficient enough. This could be age related or performance related, or perhaps you bought a Tampa home with an inadequate system in place. If your SEER rating is below 14, an upgrade could save you hundreds of dollars every year, which could quickly pay back the investment of a new air conditioning installation.  According to the experts over at FPL, “[…] if you’re ready to make the large investment in a new air conditioning unit […] you can start saving on operating costs right away.”

It doesn’t cool every room evenly. This probably reflects poorly on your ductwork or insulation, and is a great reason to consider a new system, complete with an overhaul of those.  Say no more to the cold bedrooms and blazingly hot dens.

It’s causing dust issues. If you’re engaging in proper maintenance of air filters and still dealing with dust and particle issues, you’re already in for an expensive duct sealing, or an upgrade to the insulation of your attic, crawl space, or basement. That’s a valid reason to consider upgrading the entire system – IF you can use that opportunity to save money.

It’s becoming a money pit. If you’re spending a lot on replacing parts or having technicians into repair it, your central air conditioner might be ready for the Tampa scrap heap. I’ve heard a “times ten” rule used – take the repair cost, and multiply it by ten. If the number you get is pretty close to the cost of a new AC, and your system is getting on in years, you might be best served by a whole new air conditioning installation. 

If you need a new air conditioning system, give us a call today at 813-701-3430 for a free estimate and all the straight facts you need to make a wise choice. Plus, save up to $1300 right now!