February 22, 2017


It’s important to learn the factors that go into determining the total price tag on the installation of a new central air system here in the Tampa area. Central air and heat pump prices vary widely, based on features, size, and more. When a homeowner is trying to figure out what an AC system or a heat pump may cost, knowing the determining variables will help them understand what kind of investment they will need to make to get the system they truly need.

Prices on residential central air conditioners can range from as low as the mid $3000 range for a unit with a lower SEER rating like 14 (Note: SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, and is a sort of “grade” that scores the air conditioner or heat pump on the efficiency with which it runs, with higher numbers meaning a more efficient system) or can get as high as $12,000 or more for a particularly large, efficient, or feature-packed system.

Air conditioning costs may be somewhat higher, but a heat pump also performs double-duty, serving as a heater in cold months. For central air, the average home might expect an installation cost of $4000-$7000 on average.

But what goes into determining the costs? We’ll go over them below, and you can read through and get some insight into whether your HVAC dreams fall on the low or high end of that range. These factors will include:

SEER Rating – the higher the rating, the more expensive the system. However, higher rated systems are more efficient – meaning they cost less to run. I would strongly encourage someone to consider opting for a more expensive system upfront, knowing that they’ll make their money back in lower bills for the life of the system.

There are also utility incentives in place in this area, so check with your HVAC provider or EnergyStar.gov for more information on that.

Square Footage – your home’s square footage is a determinant factor. So is the height of your ceilings, the number of windows, and the amount, quality, and distribution of your insulation. This is a critically important decision, as well: a too-large air conditioner will not properly dehumidify the home, and a too-small one will run too often, leading to unnecessarily large energy bills.

Existing ductwork – Your installation will be cheaper if you’ve already got an “AC ready” home – meaning one with usable ducts, such as those used in forced-air systems. Heat pump and air conditioning pricesfor installation drop in those cases because your system can be hooked into those ducts. You should still have them inspected to ensure they are in great condition and have no leaks, however.

Time of year – here in Tampa you can save money by installing a central air conditioner in a colder part of the year, when those services are less in demand and HVAC contractors can afford to be generous with their proposals.

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