March 1, 2017


Next time you’re inside on a hot day, looking out at the sweating masses while enjoying the cool breeze from your air conditioner, take a moment to thank the man responsible: Willis Havilland Carrier. In the early part of the 20th century, this Cornell graduate took his B.S. in Science and absolutely changed the world with a little device that cooled and humidified the air.

He called it the “Apparatus for the Treatment of Air,” but the world has come to recognize it as the first modern air conditioner. Since then, the company has spent a century telling summer to take a chill pill.

That’s why, in this article, we’ll talk about what makes Carrier an excellent choice when you’re shopping for an AC unit or heat pump for your own home here in Tampa; not only their famous reliability, but also their prices and service.

On Carrier’s Prices

Carrier AC may not always be cheapest option, but it’s always got the best bang for the buck. Many bottom-rung brands come with inefficiencies leading to higher bills, or bad design flaws that cause them to break down or need incessant repair.

Thanks to Carrier’s long history, they’ve had a lot of time to work out the kinks in their own equipment, meaning that a Carrier AC is priced very carefully to maximize value for the consumer while maintaining the company’s excellent reputation. Throw competitive warranties in the mix, and it’s not hard to imagine why Carrier is so frequently hailed as the top choice of HVAC professionals.

On Carrier’s Commitment To Service

The top-notch warranties are the tip of the Carrier iceberg – look, an air conditioning joke! Their cooling systems and heat pumps are backed by the full weight of the Carrier name. To that end, the company is one of very few HVAC brands that can boast a live customer service line that runs all day, every day, year-round. Their representatives can connect you to Carrier-authorized local dealers quickly and efficiently.

On that score, let’s also take a second to talk about what it means to be authorized by Carrier. It isn’t a badge any Tampa area HVAC contractor can slap on. They provide the same caliber of service to their dealers as to their customers, and those strong relationships mean that you, the homeowner, will get the best, swiftest, and most qualified dealers in the area when you choose a Carrier AC or heat pump.

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