March 7, 2017


When you get into researching HVAC purchases for your Tampa home, you start hearing certain names over and over again. Lennox. Trane. Carrier. You start wondering why those brands are coming up again and again. How do they compare against lesser-known brands? How do they compare against each other?

There is a reason Carrier in particular will come up frequently, and it’s a pretty fun one: Willis Carrier invented air conditioning. So the company has a few things going for it, namely longevity, reputation, and selectiveness. We’ll go into those in this article.

The First Thing Going For Carrier: Longevity

How long has your favorite manufacturer of televisions been in business? Your favorite brand of coffee? Your favorite car make?

With the exception of the Ford Motor Company, it’s a fair bet Carrier has been in business a little longer. Officially incorporated in June of 1915, Carrier has at the time of this writing over a century of experience. This began with the invention of a cooling system called the Apparatus for the Treatment of Air, and has continued on to commercial and residential systems.

Today, a Carrier central air conditioning system is regarded as the archetype of such systems, the very best.

A little context – how much is a century’s experience worth? When Carrier opened their doors, gasoline was about $0.15 a gallon. A loaf of bread might cost $0.07. You could get a prime piece of steak for a quarter. Television sets in the home were forty years off. A lot has changed since then, but Carrier is still around, and still working hard to be the best in the heating and cooling game.

The Second Thing: Reputation

Carrier’s reputation is built on the third thing (selectiveness) in many ways, but it isn’t just that. Realize that comfort and brand recognition are related to one another. Don’t you have quality expectations from a cup of Starbucks? Don’t you assume that a Bose stereo is going to be a good stereo?

For years, Carrier, along with those companies, has enjoyed wide brand recognition. The company has recognized the value of that public awareness, and has also proven smart enough to know that what the masses give, they can take away. If they weren’t on top of their game, the reviews would show it, the dealers would stop recommending it, and the company would suffer.

The Third Thing: Selectiveness

This is a critical factor. Part of what separates the top brands from one another is the dealers and installers they work with. Carrier authorizes their dealers. That process isn’t simple; it takes a lot of work and communication. The benefit is all for the consumer, though – you get the comfort of knowing that your dealer knows Carrier AC systems well.

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