March 21, 2017


One thing many homeowners neglect to consider when purchasing central air conditioning and heating systems for their Tampa area home is the ongoing cost. The name of the game today is often curbing rising utility costs. That’s why systems with high SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings are so popular.

It’s also why so many residential homes are being considered for super energy efficient inverter heat pump systems. Inverter systems boast the highest energy ratings on the market.

The questions keep coming, it seems: what is an inverter heat pump system? Is it worth the added expense? Is it better than a non-inverter heat pump? If so, why? Is it eco-friendly?

Is it right for my home?

The short answer is yes and no. Yes, we know that isn’t a good answer; that’s because the real answer is longer, and more nuanced. The real answer depends on your specific situation. Here are some issues you need to consider when deciding whether to upgrade or switch to an inverter heat pump system:

How long will you own the system? If it’s less than 5-7 years, you may not own it long enough to really benefit from the greatly increased performance and the money you will save on energy bills.

If, on the other hand, you intend to own the system for as long as it functions, it’s an excellent choice. The added expense of an inverter over a non-inverter will return to you over time in lower bills, and you’ll reap the benefits of the aforementioned performance.

Do you have the budget? An inverter heat pump is not as inexpensive as central air conditioning, or even as other heat pumps. That’s just a reality. If the additional expense would place a serious burden on you, you may have to opt for a non-inverter heat pump.

Where do you live? If you’re in Tampa, or Phoenix, or Dallas, or Atlanta, (really anywhere with relatively short or mild winters) a heat pump system makes a lot of sense for your home, and you may already have one. It does the job of cooling and heating, and it enjoys efficiency advantages because of that dual nature.

You’ll see reductions in your energy costs. In those areas, an inverter heat pump is a great way to maximize your savings. The additional expense of springing for the inverter is an investment in the future.

If you have contractors auditing your home for energy efficiency, repairs, replacements, or upgrades to your central air conditioning system, they will be able to tell you whether an inverter heat pump is for you. Ask someone today.  

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