February 26, 2017


When you’re shopping for a central air conditioner the HVAC technician or salesperson you’re speaking with is likely to make a huge deal out of the efficiency rating of any given unit. You’ll be given several compelling reasons to buy a super-efficient system, and here’s the funny secret: they’re all totally valid, but you still may be better off going for a basic system.

Now, what would make me say that, you wonder? That’s because, after plenty of practical experience in these matters, I’ve become aware of a few arguments in favor of less expensive systems for Tampa residents, dependent on your situation. Let’s go over those now.

REASON 1: The cooling system is for a rental property.

If you’re installing a central air conditioner, heat pump, or any heating or cooling system in a property that you won’t be dwelling in, there’s some merit in choosing a cost-effective system.

Two-stage systems, variable systems, and systems with high SEER ratings do save money on energy bills, but the amounts aren’t enormous on a short-term basis. You aren’t doing a disservice to the tenant, who won’t see outlandishly high bills in either case, and you’re saving yourself money by opting for a simple but effective system.

REASON 2: You are selling the house.

This ties in pretty closely to the reason above. If you’re installing a central air conditioner in a home you’re selling, you’re doing it to improve the selling price and increase your profit margin. It wouldn’t make much sense to pay for a fancy system you’ll never use if you can’t pass that cost on, and you may opt for a basic setup in that case.

REASON 3: You travel a lot, or have a summer home somewhere else.

If you’re not using the cooling system often in the summer, opt for the simpler system. You’ll use it when you need to, but the rest of the time, while it sits dormant and you’re lounging on the porch of your summer chateau in Monaco, you can rest easy, knowing you haven’t wasted money on an expensive system that’s not being utilized right here in your Tampa home.

REASON 4: Newer technology can be more expensive to maintain.

Two-stage systems, in particular, have high SEER ratings compared to their single-stage cousins, and that might tempt you to choose them. However, there are some studies that show that a higher-tech two-stage cooling system can have a greater tendency to require more maintenance and may be subject to more failures. This isn’t true across the board, but in general, simpler systems are less complex.

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