February 17, 2017


The largest single investment the average person will make in their lifetime is their home. It’s a labor of love, an ongoing collection of costs and projects that are simultaneously vexing and fulfilling. As a homeowner, you may lament the golden days when you lived in an apartment and it was someone else’s job to make sure everything in your building was up to snuff. Or you may relish your status, having dealt with lazy property managers or slumlords that didn’t fix things in a timely fashion, or at all.

Either way, the biggest single investment in your Tampa area home is often the heating and cooling – and an HVAC technician will be the deciding factor in how well your heating and cooling needs are attended to. It’s an extremely specialized field, and you should expect to do a lot of shopping around before choosing which HVAC contractor is right for you. Here are a few pro-tips (call them life hacks, if you like!) to get you started.

Before you do anything else, spend some time on research.

It isn’t the most fun part of the process, but it could (literally) save you a fortune. I’m not suggesting you learn how to do the job yourself (don’t) or that you read HVAC technician manuals (also don’t, unless you’re into that kind of thing) but I am suggesting that you should check into the companies in your area. Make sure they are up to snuff by checking the following:

Certifications and credentials.  As a certified Carrier contractor, I can tell you that they should be up-to-date, and should include manufacturer certification from the big names (Carrier, Trane, and so on), a certificate of insurance, and a commendation from the Better Business Bureau, at minimum.

Established reputation. This is easily checked on sites like Angie’s List, Yelp, or just typing their name and the word “review” into Google. Don’t get caught up in companies with no complaints, though – sometimes the way HVAC contractors respond to complaints tells you a lot about them.

Quiz them on their customer service and qualifications. HVAC technicians understand that you’re shopping around. When getting bids, always ask about:

Rebates, warranties, and other money-saver methods.

Energy auditing and home inspection.

Refund or quality assurance guarantees.

Financing options.

Established timelines and job completion.

How long they have been in the industry, and whether their staff is experienced or new.

Get itemized bids – not just bottom line quotes. It isn’t entirely uncommon for HVAC contractors in Tampa to provide quotes – in fact, it’s basically how the whole industry runs. You’ll get bids from various companies. Always make sure the quotes are specific.

How long will the job last? How many HVAC technicians will be on the job? What brand of equipment will be used at each stage? What are the energy efficiency ratings of that equipment? Will they check your existing duct system for leaks and do a home energy audit? Will they guarantee their work? What are the anticipated operating costs? 

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