TAMPA - HERE ARE 9 Pro tips to extend the life of your central air conditioner 

Hey there Tampa, and hey there World. I have a question: Are you frustrated by your HVAC system? Is the expense of an impending AC installation worrying you? If you find yourself worrying that you’ll need to fund a new air conditioning installation or are concerned that a new heat pump price tag will be more than your wallet can handle, you’re probably looking for ways to extend the life of your current central air conditioner. We solve this. Years in the industry have taught us everything we need to know to help your HVAC system remain useful for longer than you dare hope, and if you follow these scientifically proven steps, you could save thousands of dollars and avoid tackling the cost a new system Of course, most air conditioning installation contractors would hesitate to share these trade secrets with you … but we do things a little differently around here. So read on, and we’ll do our best to help you maximize the lifespan of your AC

Tampa Central Air Conditioning Installation – Inverter Heat Pump Systems are More Expensive, but are They Worth It? 

  One thing many homeowners neglect to consider when purchasing central air conditioning and heating systems for their Tampa area home is the ongoing cost. The name of the game today is often curbing rising utility costs. That’s why systems with high SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings are so popular. It’s also why so many residential homes are being considered for super energy efficient inverter heat pump systems. Inverter systems boast the highest energy ratings on the market. The questions keep coming, it seems: what is an inverter heat pump system? Is it worth the added expense? Is it better than a non-inverter heat pump? If so, why? Is it eco-friendly? Is it right for my home? The short answer is yes and no. Yes, we know that isn’t a good answer; that’s because the real answer is longer, and more nuanced. The real answer depends on your specific situation. Here are some issues you need to consider when deciding whether to upgrade or switch to an inverter heat pump system: How long will you own the system? If it’s less than 5-7 years, you may not own it long enough to really benefit from the greatly increased performance and the money you will save on energy bills. If, on the other hand, you intend to own the system for as long as it functions, it’s an excellent choice. The added expense of an inverter over a non-inverter will return to you over time in lower bills, and you’ll reap the benefits of the aforementioned performance. Do you have the budget? An inverter heat pump is not as inexpensive as central air conditioning, or even as other heat pumps. That’s just a reality. If the additional expense would place a serious burden on you, you may have to opt for a non-inverter heat pump. Where do you live? If you’re in Tampa, or Phoenix, or Dallas, or Atlanta, (really anywhere with relatively short or mild winters) a heat pump system makes a lot of sense for your home, and you may already have one. It does the job of cooling and heating, and it enjoys efficiency advantages because of that dual nature. You’ll see reductions in your energy costs. In those areas, an inverter heat pump is a great way to maximize your savings. The additional expense of springing for the inverter is an investment in the future. If you have contractors auditing your home for energy efficiency, repairs, replacements, or upgrades to your central air conditioning system, they will be able to tell you whether an inverter heat pump is for you. Ask someone today.  If you need a new central air conditioner or heat pump for your home anywhere in the Tampa area, call us today at  813-701-3430 ​for your free estimate! 

Tampa Carrier AC Installation – Important Tips to Select the Right Dealer & System Price 

 Here in Tampa  (and in the wider United States) we are known as pretty serious Carrier AC dealers. That isn’t meant to sound like humble brag; we just field a lot of questions from a lot of homeowners regarding the relative merits of residential cooling systems. There’s a lot of advice floating around, and when you’re installing something as important as a central air conditioning system in your home, it’s important that you:  A) know where the advice is coming fromB) learn to recognize good advice when you hear it. So if you’re leaning toward a Carrier AC – a decision we fully support – and live anywhere in or around the Tampa Gulf Coast area, we’re here to help. First off, you should understand that the installation is as important as the system you choose. Whether it’s a new or replacement air conditioner, there are things to expect from a good dealer.  A good contractor will give you an estimate upfront and stick to it. Of course, there is always the possibility that something unexpected will come up, but in general, a good home estimate will include an energy audit and a pretty thorough inspection, in order to correctly size the central air system your home needs. They’ll look at your windows, your ceiling height, your ductwork if you have any, and offer you a fair and transparent price.  A good dealer will have references from manufacturers and customers. For instance: we have awards, almost 2000 verified reviews, and national recognition from Carrier, as well as our customer experiences, all readily available. We believe in an open and honest process, and any dealer worth the name will feel the same way. Because of that strong relationship with the manufacturer, we are able to provide our customers with the most up-to-date skills and training.  System prices have a lot to do with size and efficiency. This goes back to the first item, in some ways. Only you can be the final arbiter of what is best for you, but any reputable dealer will be able to consult with you. Let a professional give you meaningful context to help make your decision.  When we talk about size and efficiency, we mostly mean the BTU and SEER rating. A too-large or too-small central air system is going to be no help for you, so make sure your estimate references a correctly sized system. Pro-Tip: if they haven’t been to your home, they aren’t giving you a detailed estimate. Regarding SEER, that rating represents a central air conditioner’s energy efficiency. Higher number? More efficient. But again, only you can decide how much energy efficiency is worth to you in the long run. The bottom line here is that you should do your homework, and you should feel confident that you’re choosing a Tampa based Carrier AC dealer that does the same. Get estimates, check references, and don’t blindly accept anything said to you. We’re the professionals, but it’s your home.  See the difference that nationally recognized and award winning service can make. Call 813-701-3430​ for your free estimate and save up to $1300 during our limited time Big AC Event!

Carrier Heat Pump Air Conditioning Installation - What is a heat pump and is the Carrier brand the right choice?

  Alright! So you want to buy a heat pump for your Tampa home, and you aren’t sure what to do next. There’s so much information out there that it can seem overwhelming. It might be tempting just to buy whatever is least expensive, or the first one you see, and hope for the best, right? WRONG. You should educate yourself. In this article, we’ll cover what a heat pump does, why you may want one, and why a Carrier heat pump installation might just be perfect for your home. Let’s dive in. First, off, what’s a heat pump, and why would you choose one over an air conditioner?  A heat pump looks like an air conditioner. And it’s primary function – changing the temperature of your home – sure sounds like an air conditioner. But it isn’t an air conditioner. It’s not really a heat pump, either – or at least that isn’t a name worthy of this little trifecta. It’s a heater. It’s an air conditioner. It’s a dehumidifier. It’s an all-in-one comfort factory – of course people want them. Whether you buy some other brand or a Carrier, heat pumps work the same way. They move hot air around, pumping it outside in the summer, or pulling it indoors in the winter. Unless the temperature drops well below freezing in Tampa, these little beauties can do the work of three major home appliances, and even then, they can work in tandem with a traditional heating system. They cost a bit more upfront than a standard air conditioner, but they can work in conjunction with (or as a replacement for) your gas or oil heater to drastically lower your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. So what’s the big deal with Carrier?  Do you like air conditioning? Do you like walking in out of the summer heat and saying “Ahh!” in front of those vents as they blow cool air in your face? Of course you do. And that’s all thanks to a man named Willis Carrier. Over a century ago, he invented the technology that would become modern air conditioning, filed a few patents, and started the Carrier Corporation. During the century and change since that time, his company has established a long tradition of excellent customer service, reliability, consumer-friendly pricing, and equipment that just does what it says it’s going to do. If you’re considering a Carrier heat pump for your Tampa area home, any HVAC professional will tell you it’s a safe bet. Best of all, Carrier trains and educates dealers and air conditioning installation contractors, maintaining close relationships that spell many years of comfort for you, the consumer.  Don't miss Tampa's biggest air conditioning installation event of the year. Call us today at 813-701-3430 for a free estimate on Carrier and save big during this limited time event!

Carrier AC Installation - The most respected brand has been at it a long time...

  Heat pumps are growing in popularity as the technology improves, especially in warmer climates such as here in Tampa. In fact, there is a fair amount of debate going on among homeowners and HVAC professionals about the relative pros and cons of heat pumps versus traditional air conditioning systems. To homeowners in cooler parts of the country, a central air conditioner and a high-efficiency gas furnace are a safe and traditional bet, but in temperate climates, heat pumps are winning hearts, minds, and duct systems. A Carrier heat pump is, in our humble opinion, a cut above much of the competition. In keeping with the company’s century-long tradition of reliable design and loyal service, a Carrier system could offer significant savings and a more comfortable home. How do heat pumps and central AC systems differ? A heat pump is like a two-for-one system. On the outside, to most folks, they exactly the same as an AC unit; however, unlike an air conditioner, a heat pump – which works by moving hot air around – can also heat the home during colder months. Down until about the freezing mark of 32 degrees Fahrenheit and below, a heat pump is an efficient little machine, and can save you a lot of money. Also, as a heat pump is an electrical device, it is greener and more eco-friendly than the average gas furnace. That means your annual energy prices could plummet. Your Tampa area HVAC professionals will know if a heat pump is right for your home, and if they are, you should ask them about Carrier. Why choose a Carrier AC heat pump over other brands? Willis Carrier invented air conditioning. That’s a pedigree no other company can compete with, and one the corporation that bears his name has taken seriously. For over a century, HVAC professionals have respected the Carrier name. A Carrier AC system comes with a few important guarantees: Your heat pump system will be well designed, carefully made, and will undergo extreme quality control to ensure it is worthy of the name. Your heat pump AC installation, if performed by an authorized Carrier rep, will be in the hands of someone who has worked closely with Carrier. The company ensures that authorized dealers here in Tampa are well trained and well acquainted with the nuances of each and every Carrier product. You won’t pay more than it’s worth. Carrier is neither the least nor most expensive name in the game. What they are is competitively priced. Carrier offers a lot of bang for your buck, and should definitely be on the short list when you’re comparing heat pumps here in Tampa.  Check out the Spectacular AC Event going on right here in Tampa. Claim your free estimate today by calling 813-701-3430 and save up to $1300!





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